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A lot is said about the first-mover-advantage, but it is a misnomer of sorts where technology is concerned. Technology is in a constant state of evolution allowing improvements on existing technology with additional innovation to ensure a vastly improved and an even more user friendly product for the end consumer.

Emerging Technology is founded by Rajendra Parmar (Raj), who along with the senior executives of the team have worked extensively with the print media; their cumulative years of experience in this domain exceeding 50 years.

For Raj, who has more than 15 years of Print Media experience, the requirements and pain points were known and so were the challenges faced by the end users’. Having studied the market and the requirements of various end users of prevailing color registration systems, it was evident that there was a void which needed to be addressed from the end user’s point of view.

This was the right opportunity for him to put together a team with past experience in print media to study, research, conceptualize, architect, develop and bench test a color registration system. And while doing so care was taken to keep the costs to an affordable level.

Emerging Technology developed a system, InkStat, which addressed the requirements of the industry. We had the understanding of the industry benchmarks from the existing market scenario. This helped us tremendously in reinventing the system and while doing so incorporated new features to attain enviable position.

The advantage of in-depth relevant knowledge, qualification and multi-disciplinary expertise has perpetrated Emerging Technology’s InkStat to make early inroads in the industry.

Emerging Technology
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