Monitor your Printing machine remotely from anywhere in the world through Mobile Handset, Internet or LAN. Increase productivity, Efficiency and reduce idle time and down time

Emerging Technology offers a state-of-the-art GPRS enabled Press Monitoring System (PMS)

It is essential to understand men and machine utilization which are key factors in deciding overall productivity & efficiency. To improve the efficiency it is necessary to quantify number of Printing Starts and Stops along with a Time stamp, Web breaks, Breakdowns, Idle time, Printed copies, White copies, Reel changes, Printing speed and other parameters. Emerging Technology offers advanced GPRS enabled PMS

PMS is an online application which records the current status of all the important strategic parameter like Machine name, Job Name. The software is linked with a RDBMS (Database) which is loaded on the server. Besides instant SMS (text messages on Mobile) it also provides e-Mails as well as an internet enabled report viewing based on access rights

MMS networks multi-site, multi-installation scenario and offers a comprehensive Monitoring System



Captures machine Start & Stop timings, Printing Speed, Copies Printed, Number of Web Breaks, Number of Reel change and helps in achieving increased uptime, productivity and efficiency by sending alerts

Computes yield of the machine, efficiency, machine utilization, uptime and also generates power outages reports
Web enabled data logging, reporting and escalations; Multi-Level escalations guarantees attention
Ensures TAT (Turn-Around-Time) of every process
User-friendly installation procedures
Low Power consumption, Battery backed, RTC enabled
Quicker RoI (Return-On-Investments), Economical & Cost effective


Microprocessor   Interface  Card   Modem

The system monitors status of Digital as well as values of Analog signals. Besides, it also measures the rate of change of parameters and status of digital signal over a period of time. One can choose from different models based on the number of digital and analog signals required to be monitored.

The system is in a continuous scan mode. It scans the digital and analog signals. It compares the data with a programmed LUT (Look-Up-Table) and initiates communication in all modes like SMS and populating the database.

It has three levels of SMS communications primarily to escalate the immediate attention required. In Level 1 are the first recipients of SMS. After a TAT, it sends texts to level 2. Again after the TAT of level 2, it escalates it to level 3.
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