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Executive Summary

This product is a state-of-the-art innovation, the patent is pending and an MoU is already signed. It addresses the challenges of the newspaper industry in the area of waste management including reconciliation, monitoring, and waste disposal.

is an innovative product as there aNewsprint is the single largest cost head in a newspaper industry and hence attracts maximum attention in the organization. Newsprint is a dual currency commodity. It is procured by weight and production is measured in terms of number of copies. The conversion between copies to weight is GSM. There are inconsistencies in GSM as it varies along the length of the newsprint reel. This inconsistencies translates into inaccurate weight computation and hence the total waste percentage.

The over all waste figures are quoted to be anywhere between 3 to 5% depending on the wastage considerations in respective organizations. It is essential to compute accurate GSM for precise wastage figures.

Emerging Technology has developed accuMEASURE to compute GSM. accuMEAURE arrests this inaccuracy by monitoring the GSM along the newsprint length. Once the GSM is known it will help in evolving a “waste standardization” in the printing industry to arrive at benchmarks for different type of wastages like wrappers, side discs, white waste like tear-offs, wastages due to web-threading, web breaks, white copies & reel ends and printed wastes. accuMEASURE accurately tracks different types of wastages at every waste paoints.

News print supply is not consistent and there is a variation in GSM (grams per square meter). As of date, no systems are available which monitors the GSM on-line. Presently, newsprint samples are taken from the outer circumference of the reel and sent to the laboratory for GSM measurements. It is impractical to take random samples from anywhere in the newsprint reel.

The system will enable qualitative decision on procurement and monitor waste at every waste point.

Often, procurement is decided on costs but the GSM consistency is not known. There may be inconsistencies in the GSM which may be more than the cost advantage the vendor offers. The spillage due to higher GSM may offset the cost advantage the newsprint vendor offers. Accurate GSM for the entire newsprint consignment will enable end users to take a qualitative decision on newsprint procurements.

As the newsprint reel arrives in the production area, it is mounted on the weighing bridge to measure its weight. The measured weight is compared with the weight captured in the inventory system. At this juncture, the reel is dressed and made ready for printing. The weight of side discs, wrapper and tear offs are captured by accuMEASURE. Once the reel is mounted on the printing machine, every inch of paper drawn from the reel is measured and logged under different classifications which could be web threading, white waste, printed waste, marketable copies and good copies. After the reel is consumed, reel end is removed from the machine and again weighed and the value logged.

The synchronization of length of the paper to the copies eliminates the measurement because of the “dual currency” nature of the newsprint.

Since all the data is automatically logged and all types of wastage figures are available the newsprint department can cut down on the manpower requirements. The parameters are then ingested in to user friendly reporting tools and information disseminated based on access rights.
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