Computing Element
  A single or dual CPU server with clock speed in excess of 3 GHz and a minimum of 1 GB RAM more than meets the processing requirements of the application. The cache, graphic cards, CD drive, serial port, display and other standard peripherals compare with the best in the industry.
The Camera
  The Digital VDO camera is a C-mounted color camera using IEEE 1394 digital interface. The transfer speed is 800 Mbps and supports higher frames. The camera has an external trigger, which is synchronized by using a logical relation between the encoder pulse train and proxy sensor. This allows synchronizing the trigger with the color mark on the paper. The exposure time is set in a way to freeze the captured image while it is moving at the highest printing speed. The camera image is processed by compressing the image in order to reduce the processing time to a minimum. The selection of lens has been carefully made to ensure the right vision. The camera is housed in an enclosure with toughened glass opening for the lens. It is fan cooled and has halogen lamps for good illumination.
PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)
  A single web with both sides color has 8 motors, 4 in lateral direction and four in circumferential direction. Each of these motors can move clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the direction in which the motor movement is intended; left or right for lateral direction and forward and backward for circumferential direction. Each of these motor has a limit switch to ensure the motor doesn't exceed the allowable limits. These inputs could either be analog or digital totaling upto 16. The other ports are high speed I/O ports to read and write fast changing signals. The PLCs offer you a choice of RS 232 or Ethernet connectivity to the controlling computer. It has on-line monitoring, control to enable live diagnostics.
Encoder / Proxy
  InskStat uses a high PPR (Pulse Per Revolution) encoder which give accuracy greater than 0.5 mm over the length of the news paper. The proxy sensor registers a pulse with every revolution of the folder. The two signals together decide accurate camera triggering.
  The entire application is written using RAD tools like VB, C and C++. The operating system is Windows and the RDBMS is Oracle. The algorithm is validated against several use cases devised in coordination with clients and industry leaders.
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