The Front End Terminal
  The front-end terminal of is a very user-friendly interface giving complete visual presentation of the happenings on the printing machine. The options are to run the machine in auto or manual mode. In auto mode, InkStat takes over and controls the machine. In manual mode, all the cylinders can be moved either individually or in selected pairs. The manual mode is used only during diagnostics and maintenance.

The default display gives you all the dynamic conditions on the front-end terminal. This clearly shows the errors and progressive corrections visually. It displays speed, cumulative copies and other vital information that production personnel would like to know related to the EIS / MIS.
Color Mark
  A digital encoder is deployed to provide very fine control over the length of the newspaper. This gives the printer a freedom to choose the mark position. The encoder can be tuned to accuracy better than 0.5 mm.

The cameras are triggered to capture the image grab as soon as the marks appear in front of the camera. This trigger is simultaneously or individually applied to all the web units. The synchronization eliminates unnecessary grabs and hence enhances algorithmic efficiency. The trigger signal is derived from a logical relationship between Proxy and the encoder pulse train.

The philosophy to “search” the mark is very innovative. The algorithm identifies the color marks and cleans up the image of any smudge that may be present. Having acquired the image it finds out the boundary of the mark and computes the distances between the images in both the directions. The InkStat software has a unique algorithm never used before to detect a Plate Skew in the image of a given color.
  The camera captures the images continuously irrespective of the printing speed. Once the desired correction is computed, the motors are actuated appropriately depending on the correction required. Subsequent image grabbing continues dynamically while correction is applied. These images are stored in a pre-designated directory for the InkStat software to pick up later for analysis and diagnostics.
Manual over ride
  There may be a necessity to manually over ride the auto setting of the InkStat. Typically this may be required in case of maintenance or when color marks are not printed or a catastrophic failure due to printing machine or the color registration system.
  InkStat provides, information on vital production and wastage parameters in a comprehensive integrated EIS / MIS for incorporating it into native ERP systems.
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