Competitive Edge
accuVISION enjoys a distinctive edge in various aspect of a color registration system.
Accuracy & Resolution
  Accuracy is a function of image resolution as seen on the visual sensor. The accuracy is a ratio of Image Mark size to the number of pixels it takes in a direction of captured image. The color mark has two Key (Black) marks as a reference color and three other colors totaling to 5 color marks forming the image. A single color mark is 1mm taking the total mark length to 5 mm. Each mark is placed 2.5 mm apart totaling the mark length to 15 mm. The accuVISION vision device gives a resolution of 0.015mm which is the higher than benchmark of 0.02 mm for a color registration system.
  accuVISION registers within 50 copies at cold start.
Open Architecture
  Our efforts are invested in ensuring accuVISION is an OPEN SYSTEM. At the heart of the system is an industry grade PC configured as per the number of units, number of colors per units, analog or digital limit switches and number of color pages the system will address itself to. All the elements are industry standard including the PC, Digital color camera, PLC, encoder and other subsystems. The interconnection between various subsystems is through Ethernet or RS 232. The clients don’t run the risk of any hidden costs when it comes to procuring spares at a later date or loosing the advantage of reduced cost of electronic spares which reduces by an order with newer developments.
Performance during undulating web
  It is observed that even after employing the best equipments the web keeps on undulating (rising and falling). This changes the focal distance of the image. accuVISION is engineered to manage the change in focal distance and hence the undulating web does not impact its performance negatively. Another unique advantage is that the accuVISION is designed to accommodate plates that are highly mis-registered at the start and there is no need to manually bring the image into the vision area.
Mark & Image Geometry
  accuVISION offers several geometries for the client to select from. The various possibilities are:

Lines: Number of parallel lines along which the marks are laid. It can be single, double or three lines. As the lines increase, the mark length reduces and the width increases.

Number of boxes / color: You can have a single box of Cyan or two boxes of Cyan.

Reference Mark: The K (Black) is normally treated as reference hence two K marks are used in single line geometry.

Some clients prefer the marks to be as small as possible, nearly invisible. This has resulted in marks as small as a full stop.
User Interface
  The user interface of the InkStat is highly informative and the entire dynamics of the printing machine is visible on the screen. The screen is only used to view the dynamic movement of the marks and various corrections that are applied. The users don't have to interact with the software to hasten the registration process as the InkStat performs at a speed exceeding any manual intervention.
  InkStat provides, information on vital production and wastage parameters from a single or multiple machines, located at a single or a multiple sites in a comprehensive integrated EIS / MIS for incorporating it into native ERP systems.
  InkStat is the most cost effective Color Registration System without making any compromises on product architecture, components, software environments or quality.
  The entire world is looking towards India for outsourcing technological opportunities due to the cost-effective and immensely qualified manpower available compared to developed countries in Europe, USA, UK and elsewhere in the world. Hence being head-quartered out of India and maintaining our development facility there, we enjoy this distinct advantage.
Competitive Edge
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