Having worked in the print media with corporations like Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited, Observer India Limited – A group company of the Reliance Industries Limited and Lok Prakashan Limited, the requirements and pain points were known and so were the challenges faced by the end users’. It was evident that there was a void which needed to be addressed from the end user’s point of view.

This was the right opportunity for him to put together a team with past experience in print media to study, research, conceptualize, architect, develop and bench test a color registration system. And while doing so care was taken to keep the costs to an affordable level.

Raj (Rajendra S Parmar) then founded Emerging Technology.

Emerging Technology developed a system, accuVISION™, which addressed the requirements of the industry. The understanding of the industry benchmarks and prevailing market scenario helped tremendously in reinventing the system and while doing so incorporated new features to attain enviable position.

The advantage of in-depth relevant knowledge, qualification and multi-disciplinary expertise has perpetrated Emerging Technology’s accuVISION™ to make early inroads in the industry.

Close on the heels of accuVISION™, Emerging Technology developed On-Line GSM monitoring system - accuMEASURE™, a first of its kind product in the industry. As we are all aware GSM variations cost a dear to printers / publishers. Till this development is installed, all the newsprint users have to take the sample to a laboratory and validate the GSM, though an On-Line-GSM measurement is the need of the industry. The system is under beta testing and once through, will be installed at one of the largest newspaper houses in the country.

Emerging Technology diversified into Telecom using the same technology of embedded system, Re-usable objects and real time system. With the cellular telecom managing thousands of sites while monitoring Diesel level, Battery State-of-Health, Alarms, Power management and other parameters. We thought it was the right time to enter the market through our offering of GPRS based data capture and offering them through web enabled technologies. The product is GPRS based Monitoring System.

Newsprint is the single largest cost head in a newspaper industry and also largest consumable and hence attracts maximum attention in any printing corporation. Control on Newsprint wastage is desired since long. Organizations, world over endeavored to monitor, control and reduce newsprint consumption. It involves lot of manual intervention and interface.

In order to capture all data points one has to deploy additional manpower, but human intervention and dependence is prone to errors hence the repetitive data logging is achieved by capturing the parameters through real time interface with the machine. The proposed system will accurately, precisely and continuously capture all the parameters.

The system tracks the newsprint roll weight right from the receipt and delivery. Every newsprint roll is bar coded at the entry point, which makes it easy to track and retrieve the characteristic of a roll.
System captures Weight of Wrapper, Tear off, Printed Waste due to web breaks and reel ends, number of copies printed.
Having known the Weight and the paper consumption, the system computes GSM, not only static but also dynamically.
News Print managers can now arrive at accurate and precise newsprint waste figures. Saving accrued by implementing the e-Press Totaliser will ensure quicker ROI than other conventional systems. The system will also monitor and assure printing operator’s efficiency
The Proposed system can be used to communicate all the parameters dynamically providing information necessary to the management such as print order, remaining copies, printing time, machine start and stop timings, web breaks, newsprint consumption and waste generated.

Feature Set
GSM Monitoring News print supply is not consistent and there is a variation in GSM (grams per square meter). Presently this is not accurately computed, at best one can take a few sample off the newsprint and measure the weight and compute GSM. The e-Press Totaliser logs GSM along the length of the roll. The load cells installed will capture the weight dynamically as the newsprint is drawn and log it with copies printed. This will give accurate GSM figures, evaluate quality of newsprint and help select the right supplier.

Often the web breaks are related to the quality of newsprint. The GSM tracking will address these issues and enable tighter control and monitoring of the supply.

Waste Monitoring Since the system tracks the news print right from delivery point, it can capture weight of wrapper of a roll, tear-off from the roll, printed waste by capturing number of copies from the time of web break, yield of a newsprint roll in terms of number of impressions and reel end of a roll.

This makes the waste tracking an easy job. Now even the waste disposal becomes easy, as the newspaper manager exactly knows the disposal at hand and computes the waste recovery.

Strategic MIS The MIS will help in devising strategies to have tighter control over the entire pressroom related parameters.
• Printing speed, Acceleration time to normal speed
• Number of web breaks, Mean time between web breaks, Average time to bring up after web break
• Machine start and stop time and duration, Maximum and Average printing speed, Total printing hours
• Operator’s efficiency, performance measurement and monitoring
• Total number of copies printed as against the print order
• Weight of the newsprint received, consumed, White waste (tear off, reel ends), printed waste, weight of reel ends when rolls are changed or spliced, Disc and core weight
• GSM along the length of the newsprint, Ordered and realized GSM
Information dissemination All the parameters are available on-line or off-line and this can be distributed over email or even hosted on the website. The data will be dynamically uploaded on the web site so that it can offer dynamic data.

Maintaining inventory level Different newsprint rolls have different weight and hence it becomes difficult to track the total newsprint in tonnage when rolls are drawn from the go-down. The proposed system will address this issue and help maintain minimum inventory levels. The system aims at monitoring and controlling inventory by accurately computing the balance newsprint.

Reduced Manpower The newsprint department in a corporation has at-least two officers handling the wastage. Now the data is captured online and will also be available on-line without any manual intervention. This reduces manual intervention thereby accruing manpower savings.

Improved Efficiency The report will also define benchmarks for best machine performance. The data available will set performance benchmarks and enable constant improvisations. The entire system over a period of time will translate into a single largest reservoir of data, which will enable fault forecasting and proactive correction.

Disaster avoidance All the parameter captured will be compared against defined benchmarks and tolerance limits. Once any values cross the minimum allowable band, the system will escalate it to the concerned officer for possible correction and avert a possible disaster.

Additional benefits of the new system also can be realized with increased diagnostics and reporting capabilities, resulting in better MIS and predictive maintenance.
Sensor Array The system comprises of sensor arrays at different strategic locations to capture desired parameters. The sensors are located at the reel stand, on the web to monitor web, folder to monitor speed and copies printed. The sensor array can be increased or new sensors can be implemented depending on future requirements. The sensor outputs are carefully designed to either be in a Digital or Analog form. The digital form will be either a “zero” or a “One” in the form of “0” and a “+5Volts” OR “-15” and a “+15” signal. The analog form will either be in a 0-5 volts or a 4- 20 ma current loop. These sensors and related circuitry will provide the inputs in required format.
DSP Card The sensed and measured data is fed to the signal processing boards housed on the central data logger for further translation. Based on the native form the data is rendered either directly to a digital or an analog interface post D/A (digital to analog conversion).
E – Press Totaliser – The Heart of the entire installation The system comprises of a central data logger running the e-PressTotalizer application. The application is written in advanced prototyping language like VC++. It has an interface to the Oracle database to integrate all the captured data with the main database should the organization wishes to integrate it. The e-PressTotalizer is an open system with a combination of non-proprietary, IBM®-compatible PC hardware and software specifically tailored for printing-press applications.
accuMEASURE™ Schematic Diagram


The GUI (Graphical User Interface) simulates a pressroom on the web. While you are away from the press room; traveling or at home and want to check the printing status, simply logon to the web site and see it for your self! The entire machine parameters are available to you and you can have a look at the information rich, real time, and on-line status of the pressroom. This web site will give you not only the present status but also what has happened thus far and how did the printers cope up with various breakdowns.

The system can also capture these on a mail and send it to you as a DAILY DASH BOARD. The system is not merely a data logger but also has the intelligence to evaluate the performance of the day and also redefine benchmarks. Security features are inbuilt so that only known persons will be allowed to view or access the system

Indicative Economics
Parameter Unit Value
Weight of 4 pages
Weight of 24 pages
Daily Print Order
Weight of 1,00,000 copies
Consumption per annum
Cost per Ton
Total Cost
USD (mn)
GSM Variation Losses (USD  
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